Playstation Vita System Software 3.57 is now available – Fixes Tom’s & Gas’ Custom Bubbles and current eCFWs!

Just as we have announced it a few hours ago, Sony did indeed release their new Playstation Vita System Software 3.57 for the PS Vita & PSTV devices.


The new Firmware 3.57 is mandatory firmware update, which is required for using Sony’s online services, such as the PSN Store and the Chat.

This new version does not only remove the Facebook support from the Playstation Vita, but also fixes various amounts of exploits!


The first thing that has been patched is the PSPemulator kernel mode exploit, which is required to successfully use an eCFW, such as ARK or TN-V. No kxploit, no eCFW.

Another thing that seems to be fixed is the Custom Bubble Method provided by our good friends Major Tom and Mr.gas, which provided us with fully customizeable Custom Bubbles for devices running firmware 3.55 or below.

It took Sony 4 months to remove the Facebook support, improve the system stability, and fix not only one of the Custom Bubble methods, but also the PSPemulator kernel mode exploit.


It is a bit sad to see that they have pretty much removed all the fun extra things the PS Vita could do.

Be sure to use the most recent version of QCMA – an alternative CMA for your Computer – which enables you to transfer content without being forced to update to the newest System Software.