Grand Theft Auto V : UFO Mod (ps3) by ECB2

Submitted by STLcards; April 07, 2014

Who needs the PC version of GTA V to create some great console mods? Well the community has been pumping out some impressive mods without the PC version of the game. The latest mod comes to us from mod developer ECB2 with his UFO spawn Mod. Now after you install this mod you enter the cheat code for “Give Parachute”  and you are flying the UFO that is an easter egg in Grant Theft Auto V. View the instillation details and a video of this mod at work below:


GTA v ufo



GTA V UFO Mod – Fly a UFO

Today I have rewritten my UFO spawner so it would finally work.
Big thank you goes to Zorg93 for the help fixing that damn bug.

How to use this

1. Get rid of your title updates
2. Replace your cheat_controller with the one provided here
3. Spawn/find any vehicle, best with skylift, but any vehicle works
4. Sit inside it
5. Enter the “Give Parachute” cheat (LEFT ,RIGHT , L1 , L2 , R1 , R2 , R2 , LEFT , LEFT , RIGHT , L1 )
6. Your vehicle should now be a UFO

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