UPDATE – [PS3] multiMAN v4.75.55 by deank

Submitted by STLcards; August 24, 2015

Here comes the latest updates to deank impressive multiMAN with the release of v04.75.00 (update & 04.75.55). this update provides support for 4.75 CEX and DEX and various other tweaks that are displayed in the changelogs provided by deank’s via multiMAN’s Online Update.





multiMAN 4.75.55




multiMAN celebrates 5 years and 500,000 user’s If you like the application please support it with a donation of 1 or 2 EUR at dean@deanbg.com

Update – multiMAN v04.75.55 (20150830)

  • Support for CFW 4.75 CEX/DEX
  • webMAN v1.43 available with support for 4.75
  • lastGAME14 available in the web column with support for 4.75
  • Fixed/Removed unused DYNAREC references



multiMAN v04.75.00

  • Added Support for CFW 4.75

multiMAN v04.70.00 .

  • Added support for CFW 4.70
  • Updated Danish translation by ChopstiX
  • Updated Movian/Showtime for mM to 4.9.430

multiMAN v04.66.10:

  • Fixed game covers for split ISO games
  • Fixed game backgrounds for ISO games
  • Fixed few issues introduced in .08



Download: multiMAN 04.75.55 BASE – (2015-08-30).pkg

Source: “multiMAN Online Update”


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