Vita Hack Rejuvenate – How to run your first homebrew

he vita hack Rejuvenate was released this week, and is the very first native hack for the PS Vita. People might be confused as to what they need in order to run their homebrews, so here’s some quick how to.

Requirements to run Vita Hack – Rejuvenate

  • you need to be approved as a PSM Publisher. If you’re not a PSM Publisher, a friend of yours with a PSM publisher license can generate the required keys for you (see official documentation). If you don’t have friends, stay tuned: ways to bypass this limitation will be revealed soon. Edit: you can now get your license through PSM+.
  • The current version of Rejuvenate works on Vita firmwares 3.00 to 3.51 included
  • You need the PSM Dev Assistant app, or the PSM Unity Dev assistant installed on your PS Vita. The PSM Unity Dev assistant is recommended, see here how to download and install it. (Compatible versions of PSM Dev assitant app are 1.11, 1.14, 1.15)
  • The tools require a Windows computer for now
  • Rejuvenate is compatible with the PS TV but you will need a Vita: install the client on your Vita and then move the memory card to the VitaTV.

you need to have the following software:

Install and Run your first Rejuvenate homebrew

Please note that YifanLu is providing all the steps as clearly as can be in his readme, with several troubleshooting steps that we reproduce below. Read those if you run into an issue and before asking for help, this could save you lots of time!

  1. make sure you have the prerequisites installed (see above)
  2. Extract the Rejuvenate 0.2 zip to a folder on your windows computer.
  3. Copy  PSM_SDK_1.21.02.exe to the current directory and runSETUP.BAT. Follow the instructions. You will need to do this only once. The setup will:
    1. Extract the PSM SDK
    2. Install the PSM Driver (this will require admin permission)
    3. Ask you to enter your PSM Dev Assistant version number (reminder, this is currently only compatible with 1.11, 1.14, 1.15)Vita hack RejuvenateVita hack rejuvenate - how to
  4. Connect your PS Vita to your PC, and run the PSM Dev Assistant.
  5. To run homebrew, drag your homebrew elf file INTO “run_homebrew.bat” (as of now, only the provided “Hello World” file works)
    1. Note: I initially got a “connection error” when doing this. Running the “Ballblaze” Demo through the PSM Dev Assistant, then trying again, seemed to “unblock” the issue


And you’re good to go!

Vita hack rejuvenate running homebrew on ps vita



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