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OneShell released for PSP/PSVita

OneShell released for PSP/PSVita

Vita Hack Rejuvenate – How to run your first homebrew

he vita hack Rejuvenate was released this week, and is the very first native hack for the PS Vita. People might be confused as to what they need in order to run their homebrews, so here’s some quick how to.

Requirements to run Vita Hack – Rejuvenate

  • you need to be approved as a PSM Publisher. If you’re not a PSM Publisher, a friend of yours with a PSM publisher license can generate the required keys for you (see official documentation). If you don’t have friends, stay tuned: ways to bypass this limitation will be revealed soon. Edit: you can now get your license through PSM+.
  • The current version of Rejuvenate works on Vita firmwares 3.00 to 3.51 included
  • You need the PSM Dev Assistant app, or the PSM Unity Dev assistant installed on your PS Vita. The PSM Unity Dev assistant is recommended, see here how to download and install it. (Compatible versions of PSM Dev assitant app are 1.11, 1.14, 1.15)
  • The tools require a Windows computer for now
  • Rejuvenate is compatible with the PS TV but you will need a Vita: install the client on your Vita and then move the memory card to the VitaTV.

you need to have the following software:

Install and Run your first Rejuvenate homebrew

Please note that YifanLu is providing all the steps as clearly as can be in his readme, with several troubleshooting steps that we reproduce below. Read those if you run into an issue and before asking for help, this could save you lots of time!

  1. make sure you have the prerequisites installed (see above)
  2. Extract the Rejuvenate 0.2 zip to a folder on your windows computer.
  3. Copy  PSM_SDK_1.21.02.exe to the current directory and runSETUP.BAT. Follow the instructions. You will need to do this only once. The setup will:
    1. Extract the PSM SDK
    2. Install the PSM Driver (this will require admin permission)
    3. Ask you to enter your PSM Dev Assistant version number (reminder, this is currently only compatible with 1.11, 1.14, 1.15)Vita hack RejuvenateVita hack rejuvenate - how to
  4. Connect your PS Vita to your PC, and run the PSM Dev Assistant.
  5. To run homebrew, drag your homebrew elf file INTO “run_homebrew.bat” (as of now, only the provided “Hello World” file works)
    1. Note: I initially got a “connection error” when doing this. Running the “Ballblaze” Demo through the PSM Dev Assistant, then trying again, seemed to “unblock” the issue


And you’re good to go!

Vita hack rejuvenate running homebrew on ps vita



You just got yourself a new PS4, and are looking for a PS4 Jailbreak / PS4 Custom Firmware solution? Then bookmark this page, as it will be kept up to date with the latest, greatest, and simplest solutions available for Playstation 4 CFW.

PS4 Jailbreak – the current status

Although not an actual PS4 Jailbreak, people have found ways to pirate games on the PS4 with Raspberry pi  (a technique known as the Brazilian Jailbreak) in 2014. See below for details. It is unclear if this technique still works on latest firmwares.

In December 2015, hacker CTurt confirmed he has a PS4 jailbreak. Although this was the most promising lead so far, he later on announced he would stop his research on the PS4. Confirmation has been given however that other groups are in possession of PS4 Jailbreak (PS4 Kernel hacks) and might release their hacks in the near future.

In December 2015, famous hacking group Fail0verflow demonstrated a PS4 running Linux, and a Pokemon rom through an emulator on the PS4. They announced they would release their PS4 Linux patches, but would not release a PS4 Jailbreak. It will be up to other groups to do a PS4 Jailbreak release in 2016 for people to enjoy a Jailbreak on their PS4 and potentially run Linux on it.

The Cturt PS4 Kernel exploit and the Fail0verflow Linux on PS4 announcement are the most promising leads for a PS4 Jailbreak at this point. Other hackers have contacted us to let us know that leads of a PS4 Jailbreak for the latest PS4 Firmware 3.11 are being worked on, but nothing has been officially announced yet.


PS4 Jailbreak – Linux on the PS4

In December 2015, Fail0verflow showed at the CCC hacking convention that they have Linux running on the PS4. They stated that they would release Linux patches for people to install linux on their PS4, but with a major caveat: Fail0verflow will only provide the Linux port, not the required PS4 Jailbreak. It is unknown if other hacking groups will be willing to release a PS4 Jailbreak to the masses, in order to enable Linux on the PS4 for all the community.

PS4 Jailbreak - Emulator on ps4 - Pokemon on PS4

Careful examination of the Fail0verflow presentation showed that the Fail0verflow crew were running their exploits through the Webkit 1.76 exploit, meaning their console was running on Firmware 1.76.

Fail0verflow have stated that many kernel exploits exist on the PS4, and they are “easy to find”.

Linux on the PS4 – News

PS4 Jailbreak – CTurt Kernel exploit

PS4 Jailbreak 1.76

In December 2015, hacker CTurt confirmed he has a PS4 jailbreak. The work on this has been put on a hiatus. The exploit was running on a 1.76 PS4 Firmware.

CTurt PS4 Jailbreak – News

PS4 Jailbreak – the Brazilian PS4 Jailbreak

Although not an actual “PS4 Jailbreak” that would allow to run unsigned code, it’s been confirmed that people have found ways to pirate games on the PS4, without the use for any advanced hack. With the use of a simple raspberry pi, electronics stores in Brazil have been able to dump the licenses of games from a PS4 to another, enabling them to pirate games. This technique is also known as PS4 NOR Cloning.

PS4 Jailbreak explained (the Brazilian Method)

The following video showcases how the PS4 NOR is dumped to a memory card. Reading/Writing Data from a PS4 that has the right games “activated” on it seems to be the technique that has been used by hackers in Brazil to Jailbreak the PS4. The video below uses a Raspberry PI and free software JAISPI to perform the dump. Note that it is recommended that you do not try to reproduce this unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Although the video does not show the writing part, it is believed a similar technique has been used by the Brazilian stores selling pirated games.

PS4 Jailbreak News – Real exploits.

Real progress is made on the PS4 hacking front to ultimately lead to a PS4 Jailbreak, and we write about every real piece of progress there is. Follow these articles for details on the real hackers and where the PS4 really is in terms of security. Again, if some of these efforts ever lead to a custom firmware, a jailbreak, or any sort of “hack” of the PS4, this page will be directly mentioning it and giving you all the publicly available tools to leverage the hacks.

Also check these other (real) PS4 hacks

A jailbreak is not the only way you can enhance your PS4 functionality! Check the following:

  • PS4 Remote play – Developers found ways to port the PS4 Remote Play functionality to android and PC.


PS4 Jailbreak News & rumors – Fake exploits.

Besides the ones mentioned on this page, other rumors of PS4 Jailbreak are in general false, and you can find a list of debunked articles below. Additionally, we discuss actual hacking progress at the bottom of this page as well.

When a CFW is made available for the Playstation 4, popular hacking scene websites (including us here at will talk about it a lot, and downloads/tutorials/explanations will be made available on our frontpage. Until then, every piece of “information” you find about a PS4 hack is a lie or a misinterpretation.

ps4 jailbreak - ps4 devkit

If you just found an unknown website that claims to provide a CFW or jailbreak for the PS4, be extremely careful. Such sites are usually trying to get you to answer some sort of survey in order to get the “hack”. This is how they make money in general (but this is not their only technique!), as they get paid for every person who completes a survey. These surveys will most of the time not lead you to anything, or in some cases they will let you download a file that has nothing to do with a PS4 jailbreak. Their explanations for the hack will usually be extremely fishy, for example asking you to copy some files on the hard drive without explaining how to actually do it, or things similar to that. They have fake comments on their site to make you believe their stuff is legit, and also use black hat techniques to build fake followers on twitter and facebook.

More generally, ask yourself about the odds that you are the first one in the world to find about a PS4 hack that nobody else knows about. Console hacking is our passion on this site, and we have dozens of community members scouting the internet for any verifiable piece of information. If something like that was legit, we would find out within hours. Again, when a PS4 jailbreak/Custom Firmware is made available, and other reputable scene websites will be the first ones to let you know.

Please share this page with your friends whenever they think they have found a PS4 Jailbreak. This page will be updated with the latest progress on PS4 hacking.

6.61 Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.1

This is a mod (hex edited) of the 6.60 Chronoswitch Downgrader by Davee/some1.
I only tested it on a 1k model, I couldn’t downgrade to 6.60 from 6.61 (maybe corrupt updater), but I was able to downgrade to 5.00 from 6.61, 6.20+ might work, haven’t tested it though.

Issue with 6.61 -> 6.60 should now be fixed, tested and working on a 1k.

Now supports PSP 11g (E-1000/Street) from 6.61 -> 6.60, thanks to nzgamer41 for testing.



Demon450’s (DarkFrost V5)

The Cheat Plugin made by demon450, earlier known as DarkPR, is now Dark Frost. It is now updated and released as v5.


DarkPR v1

•Major Color Changes
•Added More Room For Cheat Names
•Major Text Changes
•Improved Scrolling
•Shows First 200 Search Results
•Displays Game ID
•Added Code Labels
•Improved Save Codes Feature,
when saving says “Codes Saving”,
when done says “Codes Saved”
•Can Go Under Address 0x00004000
•Removed Logo

DarkPR v2

•Added Individual Cheat Status Labels When Editing Cheat Next To Cheat Name
•Added Option Under PRX That Allows the User To Turn ON/OFF CHEATS
•Added Where Your Cursor Is In Cheater Below Overall Cheat Status With String Length For The Cheat
•Can Now View Welcome Screen Again By Pressing X in The Credits Tab
•Added More Text In The PRX Tab When Using Options
•Added New Option Under PRX That Flips The REAL/FAKE Addressing
•Fixed Bug That Allows You To Change Tabs While In Welcome Screen
•Now Can Change Bytes From The Browser
•When 8 bit, Bytes In Browser Aren’t Separated Now
•Fixed Bug When You Press “DOWN” When Editing Cheat In First Column
•Cheat Hz=15 By Defualt
•Text and Color Fixes
•Added Reset Copier Option Under PRX and Copier
•Copier Can Now Hold TWO Addresses!
•Added a “Disable DarkPR” Under PRX (This Option Inspired By Murderface)
•Added “Refresh Codes” Under PRX Tab
•Can Now Add More Than One Line Of New Code
•Now ‘Cheater’ Does Not Automatically Popup But Instead The Previous Tab Does When Reopening The Menu
•Displays Cheat Number In Header
•Displays Copy Address’s In The Header
•Fixed Bug Where You Can See Another Line In The Browser Blink Sometimes
•Fixed Bug When Trying To Switch From Text Search
•Can Switch Views From ASCII and Float To Opcode And Args Everywhere
•Can Now See 45 Characters of ASCII Rather Than 15 In Find Text
•Add Option Under PRX that Allows You To Change Which Copy Address Is Being Viewed And If It Is In REAL Or FAKE
•Fixed Bug That Allows You To Go To Edit Cheat Screen Without Any Cheats
•Under PRX Changed Browse Lines Option To Cheater REAL/FAKE Option
•Can Switch Between Float and Opcode With Args With Triangle In The Decoder And Searcher
•Customizable Browser Colors In PRX Menu With All Your Basic Colors
•Has Search Range Feature In Searcher With Copy/Paste Abilities (START To Bring Up Search Range)

DarkFrost v1

•Copier Has The Ability To Copy Values(Including Search Menus And Browser/RAM Unlike MKULTRA)
•Made The PRX Options In Relations With The Copier Include Values
•Can Switch Between Copy Data 1-10 With LEFT/RIGHT In Copier
•Can Go Higher Than 250 As Cheat Length In PRX (As High As You Want)
•Press LTRIGGER and RTRIGGER In Copier To Change Views Of Address And Value In Header
•Renamed Browser To RAM And Renamed PRX To Options
•Minor Text And Color Changes/Fixes
•Browser Goes Up +0x00000004 When Up Is Pressed At The End Of The Address, Same For Down
•Displays Cheat Length When Editing A Cheat
•Can Use The Decimal And ASCII In Decoder
•Copier Has New Looks
•Made New Color Customizer Page Accessible From The Credits Tab With Copier Abilities
•Added Many new Pages Accessible From The Credits Page Such As The Welcome (Like Before), The Button Customizer, The Color Customizer, And The Copier In Editable Hex
•Can Press L & R Trigger When Editing A Cheat To Bring Up A Menu To Go To The Address That You Are On In The Browser Or Decoder
•Displays Battery Percent In An Integer Under The Cheat Amount And CPU Frequency Under That And Bus Frequency Under That
•Updated Mips (Tiny Bit More Than MK)
•Press START When Editing A Cheat To Edit It’s Name (In A Special Way I Made) Or Go To Tab And Press Start For A Keyboard
•Removed Tracker/Logger
•More Organized PRX Menu
•Switched [PRX] And [Searcher]
•Fixed A Bug When Searching Text And Does Not Read Last Letter/More Accurate Text Searches
•Added Option Under PRX to Remove Old Searches
•Disable DarkFrost Fixed So You Can’t Press L Trigger + R Trigger + Down + Select To Open
•Fixed The Option To Activate Cheats Via Option Tab And Can Use Now Before Activating In Game

DarkFrost v2 BETA

•Made It So If The Prx Doesn’t Detect The Searches Folder It Is Automatically Made
•Text Fix Bug In Header
•Added Another RAM And Decoder
•Made Quick Menu Now Correspond With The New RAMs/Decoders
•Can Now View And Edit Decimal, ASCII, Float And Opcodes In “Manage Copy Data”
•Made The Theme More Snow Colored
•Fixed A Bug Where You Freeze If You Remove Searches When Paused

DarkFrost v3

•Fixed A Search Text Bug When It Will Only Find Most Of The Addresses
•Made The Colors Less Ugly
•Added A New Tab Named “Tools” Which Has A NotePad And A Calculator
•Added A New Site In The Header
•Fixed An Ugly Text Bug When Exiting Button Customize
•Implemented Corrupt PSID
•Made The Copier Compatible With The Calculator
•Now Loads Colors To/From A Text File
•Moved The Credits Options To The Tools Tab
•Fixed Some Text Issues
•Removed The Cheat Name Length While In The Cheater
•Added An “Mips Instructions” Page In The Tools Tab For Coders
•Add The Option To Save The Note In The NotePad And Also Load It
•The Note/Colors Will Automatically Load On Startup Of DarkFrost
•You Can Now Change The Screenshot Buttons In The Same Option As Turning It Off
•Screenshot Is Turned Off By Defualt
•Cleaned The Header Just A Little Bit
•Colors Look Even FROSTIER!
•Exit To The VSH Using The Tools Tab
•Follow Hooks In The Decoder By Pressing START On Them
•Improved The Searcher For The Handful Of People That Had A Bug Where It Wouldn’t Search
•Add Two New Search Modes “Positive” And “Negative” For Different Searches

DarkFrost v4

•Organized The Source, Made The File Size Smaller
•Added How Long Battery Will Last In Minutes
•Reset Copier Now Resets To Copy Address and Goes Back To “1”
•Reads Your PSP’s Nickname And Prints It Out In The Initiation Welcoming You As Well As In The Credits Tab
•More Organized Dumps Using Game Id-Dump Number
•Added The Option For “Search Range” In The Searcher Instead Of Having To Press Start and Moved Remove Searches Here Too
•Made The Find Text More Compatible With The QWERTY Keyboard
•Fixed The Keyboard’s Button Inputs That Overlapped Each Other
•Now Press START In The Keyboard Exit And Save The String
•Changed The Old URL To The Newer One In The Header, Also Making It Look Neater, As Well As Added The Forum URL In The Credits Tab
•Made DarkFrost Look Even FROSTIER!
•Rebuilt The Searcher!A Little Faster.
•Finally Finished Copy Text
•Now Has An Undma-er Menu, Similar To Oby1Chick’s DMP
•Add New DMA Cheats
•Press Square In Exact Or Unknown Search To Add The First 200 Cheats
•Can Now Open In Homebrew And PSX! (Wherever You Can See The Home Screen You Can Use DarkFrost)
•New Reload Cheats Function That Will Bring You To A Menu That Will Allow You To Choose Which File You Want To Reload From
•Separated the Customize Colors and Buttons option
•Put Many Options In The Right Places, So Everything Is Easy To Use And More Organized
•Fixed A Scrolling Bug In The Cheater, And Made It Scroll Faster As Well
•Faster Load Cheats Function Initially And When Reloading Cheats
•Added a SFCOEnabler And RREnabler To Get On PSN With A psnabler.txt In Your darkfrost folder, To Spoof To The Most Current Firmware
•Took Out CPU/BUS Display
•Option To Toggle PSNabler Function
•More Organized Layout On The Memory Stick
•Can Save All Button Options And Browser Colors
•Removed Individaul Toggle REAL Addressing And Combined It Into One Option
•Can Now Remove Searches While The Game Is Paused
•Improved/Fixed Another Scrolling Bug
•Fixed Several Button Combo Bugs When Changing Them
•When You Exit A Cheat It Now Doesn’t Go To The Top But Remains On The Cheat
•Took Out The View Initiation
•Added An Offset Log To Keep Track Of The Offsets While DMA Searching
•Took Out MIPS Instructions
•Added Reload NitePR Cheats
•Replaced Search History With Search Results
•Fixed A Few More Bugs, Like A Find Text Bug That Might Have Appended Text To The End Of The Search Results.

DarkFrost v5

•Fixed The Slight Flash In The Screen
•Reverted Back To The Old Cheat Load System, Almost As Fast As The New One
•Fixed The Corrupt PSID
•Improved The Searcher Speed Slightly
•Took Out The After Initial Searcher Percentages
•Fixed Text Bugs
•Fixed The Display Of The Welcome Text Before You Open DarkFrost
•Smaller And Improved Source
•Support For More Cheats In Your GameID.txt
•J/JAL Follower, Press START In The Decoder
•Load Old Searches In The Searcher
•REAL Addressing Is Supported In The Cheat File
•Smoother Delays After Button Presses.


You can use the Auto Installer to install darkfrost in the auto install folder,
or just copy the darkfrost folder into the root of your memory stick.
or import it from the “Reload nitePR codes” and then save the codes.
The auto installer will NOT transfer the codes for you.
You may also delete the nitePRimportant.bin, it is now DFimportant.bin and is in the config file.


Moto E (How To Root – 2015)

Ensuring root access on your new Moto E is not a hard thing to achieve, though you do need to use the proper tools in order to keep it all safe and secured. That’s why, I decided to help you out; thus, you can choose to use this dedicated step by step guide if you want to learn how to easily root your 2015 Motorola Moto E. The unlock process will only take a few minutes from your time, so you really have nothing to worry about; anyhow, let’s see what it is all about.

Right from the start you need to know that gaining root access isn’t an official operation so the process from below has nothing to do with Motorola or with Google. Moreover, the root exploit provided is developed by third party devs which means that if you choose to use and apply this tutorial, you will lose the warranty of your new Moto E. This is a risky and complex operation that can be completed in an easy way, but only if you are an advanced and experienced Android user. Else, you should think twice if gaining root access is exactly what you need – we will talk about this in a few moments.


How to Root Motorola Moto E 2015

Moto E 2015

Ensuring root access on your new Moto E is not a hard thing to achieve, though you do need to use the proper tools in order to keep it all safe and secured. That’s why, I decided to help you out; thus, you can choose to use this dedicated step by step guide if you want to learn how to easily root your 2015 Motorola Moto E. The unlock process will only take a few minutes from your time, so you really have nothing to worry about; anyhow, let’s see what it is all about.

Right from the start you need to know that gaining root access isn’t an official operation so the process from below has nothing to do with Motorola or with Google. Moreover, the root exploit provided is developed by third party devs which means that if you choose to use and apply this tutorial, you will lose the warranty of your new Moto E. This is a risky and complex operation that can be completed in an easy way, but only if you are an advanced and experienced Android user. Else, you should think twice if gaining root access is exactly what you need – we will talk about this in a few moments.

Also, this tutorial is compatible only with the Condor (GSM) model of the Moto E 2015 as the root exploit from below has been customized and optimized only for the mentioned smartphone – using the same root tool, for a different device, will probably brick your beloved Android smartphone, so be careful and try not to mess things up; just stick to the guidelines from below and everything will be fine.

Now, gaining root access means unlocking the Lollipop system that runs by default on your new Moto E. As you know, when you first buy a new Android device, it is pre loaded with various factory and default restrictions. Well, your goal is to remove all these restrictions in order to gain access over the internal system of your Moto E 2015. Why, should you do so? Well, because on a rooted phone you can start other tweaking operations like flashing custom ROMs, removing bloatware, installing custom kernels, overclocking the CPU and so on. Thus, bottom line, after completing this step by step guide, you will be able to customize, optimize, personalize and power up your Moto E, by your own taste.

As you can see, the root process comes with both advantages and risks. However, since you are about to apply an unofficial operation, remember that the warranty will get void. So, if you will manage to soft or hard brick your Moto E 2015, you won’t be able to reclaim its warranty – taking your device back to service will imply in paying for the technical assistance. That’s why, you should now learn how to manually troubleshoot a bricked Android smartphone.

Also, before doing anything else, you should backup your new Moto E. This is a complex and unofficial operation and while completing the root process your data might get corrupted or even wiped out. So, for temporarily saving your personal info and accounts you need to perform a proper backup operation – just use backup and restore apps and save everything that’s important for you. On your way, save the current ROM that runs on your device in order to avoid any unpleasant situation.

You can root your Motorola Moto E only if TWRP recovery is installed on your phone. So, first of all, follow the provided link and learn how to flash a custom recovery image on your handset. Then, return here and resume the rest of the guidelines from below.

On the other hand, prepare a computer – deactivate the antivirus and other similar programs from your PC, as these tools might interfere with the root operation. Also, make sure that on your new Moto E USB debugging option is checked (first gain developer rights and then head towards “menu – settings – developer options). Moreover, after doing all this, charge your smartphone – plug in the charger if the battery power left is currently lower than 50% (if your phone gets turned off, it might also get bricked).

How to Root Motorola Moto E 2015

  1. From this page download the root exploit for your new Moto E.
  2. Save the file on your computer, preferable on desktop.
  3. Then, connect your smartphone with your computer via USB cable.
  4. Transfer the downloaded file from desktop to your phone’s SD card.
  5. When done, unplug the USB cord and also turn off your device.
  6. Now, enter recovery mode on your Moto E 2015.
  7. Good; from recovery select “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from SD card”.
  8. Pick the root exploit and flash the file on your device.
  9. When done, from main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.
  10. If a boot loop will be issued, return to recovery mode and from there select “wipe data factory reset” followed by “wipe cache partition”.

So, we are done; you can now safely use your new rooted Motorola Moto E 2015. Well, share your experience in the end by using the comments field from below – if there are problems we will assist you as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Rush (KitKat Explosion Rom 2.0)

Custom Rom Builders of Galaxy Rush

Present to you:

KitKat Explosion Rom v2.0

I want to give a big thanks to kRize, AlexRayquaza, and Lordvincent90 for their help, they are the dreamteam that’s putting the magic together, thanks so much guys… :D

JellyBean 4.1.2 with 4.4 added apps!!
This is Stock Modded & Themed

What’s in it?

**NEW** 4.4 Google Home Launcher with Google Now integrated
**NEW** 4.4 Google Desk Clock
**NEW** 4.4 Google keyboard
Google chrome
**NEW** 4.4 Gmail
Google sound widget
Google games
**NEW** 4.4 Google calendar
**NEW** Google+
**NEW** Photos
Google settings
**NEW** Updated Google Play Store 4.4.22 with Clear Theme
**NEW** Hangouts 2.0
Also calculator
Samsung Camera
Samsung Gallery
Samsung video player
Es File Explorer
Quick settings
Stock dialer
Stock contacts
Stock messaging removed (Hangouts’ SMS feature replaces it)
Ubuntu font
WiFi tether
Xposed app settings
Xposed extras
Xposed installer
Xposed xtheme engine
Xposed tweakbox
Xposed AOSP Lockscreen (Thanks to Zenwafer for suggestion)
Viper Fx
Viper xhifi
New additions for Settings Menu (Special thanks to LV90)
Boot sound enabled with new boot sound (Special thanks to superboy4444 @Reverb Forum)
Custom Bootanimation
Everything with Xposed is at latest version
**NEW** Externalsd2Internalsd Mod
:D :smokingsomb:

Power menu (thanks to bloodawn)
Centered clock
10 toggle notifications
**NEW** System notification, ringtone, alarm sounds, and ui sounds from KitKat
Themed framework (wip)


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


KitKat Explosion 2.0

My Developer Forum for continued support for our Samsung Galaxy Rush:
Custom Rom Builders of Galaxy Rush – Android Forums

This is a WIP so if you guys have any questions or something that you need help with don’t hesitate to ask and thanks for checking the rom out!! :D

What people are saying about KKE v2.0:

Xposed themes found here:
[XTHEME][TW][PORT] alphaBlueX | Mixer | SimpleX | SimpleX_Blue | AlloyX | – xda-developers
Thanks to Pier10

Setting up WiFi tether:
Device Profile: Generic ics/jb wlan0
Setup method: Auto
Send netd max client cmd: checked
WiFi driver reload: checked
WiFi driver reload 2: no check
Routing fix: checked

Also make sure your keep WiFi on during sleep is set to never: settings/WiFi/menu/advanced/keep WiFi on

You can also turn off auto WiFi on/connection manager:
Settings/more/mobile networks/connection optimizer

Setting up Xposed module:
Open closed installer and press install/update then soft reboot.
Go back to exposed installer and press modules, and place a check on each box, then soft reboot.
Go to closed apps and make you modifications then reboot for your settings to stick.

How to install Viper:
Open viper fx and xhifi and choose CortexA8 with NEON
The other settings are up to you. For more info check here: [APP] ViPER4Android Audio Effects (FX 2211-1 & XHIFI 2102-1) – 20/9 Review on XDA TV – xda-developers

I would like to thank K Rize, LordVincent90, Zenwafer, AlexRayquaza, pyro_guy0001, and kskillz2000 for there helping hand, and hard work, I really appreciate each and every one of you that help to make this rom what it is, PURE GENIUS!! :D​